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Dual Micro TravelDrive
Dual Micro TravelDrive 16GB
Dual Micro TravelDrive 32GB
Dual Micro TravelDrive  64GB

Dual Micro TravelDrive

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The innovative design of the Dual Micro TravelDrive™ lets you free up storage space on your Android smartphone or tablet by transferring photos and videos from your device to the drive. Built with a standard USB and a micro USB connector, this drive makes it easy to move files from your Android device to a computer for super simple backup, or to another compatible device to share photos and videos with your friends and family.

  • Reclaim your device’s storage space by transferring photos or videos to the drive, or viewing content directly from the drive
  • Swivel and slide design eliminates the need for a protective cap
  • Plug n Play technology requires no batteries, Wi-Fi or internet
  • Optimize performance on select devices by downloading the free ES File Explorer Manager app
Product Specifications
Description UPC
Dual Micro TravelDrive, 16GB 99278
Dual Micro TravelDrive, 32GB 99279
Dual Micro TravelDrive, 64GB 99280
System requirement: Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X and higher
Device requirement: visit for compatibility details
Warranty: 2 year limited


Compatibility List
Category Brand NameModel Name Operating System
 Smartphone  Samsung  GALAXY NOTE  Android 4.0
 Smartphone  Samsung  GALAXY NOTE II  Android 4.1
 Smartphone  Samsung  GALAXY NOTE III  Android 4.3
 Smartphone  Samsung  GALAXY R  Android 2.3
 Smartphone  Samsung  GALAXY S2  Android 4.0
 Smartphone  Samsung  GALAXY S3  Android 4.0
 Smartphone  Samsung  GALAXY S4  Android 4.2
 Smartphone  Samsung  MEGA 6.3  Android 4.2
 Smartphone  HTC  Butterfly  Android 4.2
 Smartphone  HTC  Butterfly S  Android 4.2
 Smartphone  HTC  New one  Android 4.2
 Smartphone  HTC  One X  Android 4.1
 Smartphone  Sony  SONY XPERIA S  Android 4.0
 Smartphone  Sony  SONY XPERIA Z  Android 4.1
 Smartphone  Sony  Xperia TX LT29i  Android 4.0
 Smartphone  Xiaomi  2S(小米機)  Android 4.1
Smartphone Xiaomi Red Rice(紅米機) Android 4.2
 Smartphone  LG  G2  Android 4.2.2
 Tablet PC  Samsung  Note 8  Android 4.1
  Tablet PC   Samsung  Galaxy Note 8.0  Android 4.1.0
  Tablet PC   Samsung  Galaxy Note 8.0  Android 4.2.2
  Tablet PC  Sony  SGPT111JP/S  Android 3.2
  Tablet PC  Sony  SGPT112TW/S  Android 3.2
  Tablet PC  Sony  SGPT211JP/S  Android 3.2
  Tablet PC  Sony  Xperia Tablet Z  Android 4.1.2
  Tablet PC  Acer  ICONIA A1-810  Android 4.2
  Tablet PC   Acer  ICONIA_Tab A700  Android 4.0
  Tablet PC  ASUS  MeMO Pad ME302  Android 4.2
  Tablet PC  ASUS  MeMO Pad 10 ME102  Android 4.2
  Tablet PC  ASUS  Transformer Pad TF-100  Windows 8.1
  Tablet PC  FUJITSU  LTE F-01D  Android 3.2
  Tablet PC  Huawei  MediaPad S7-301u(P)  Android 4.0
  Tablet PC  Lenovo  A3000  Android 4.2
  Tablet PC  Toshiba  AT700/35D  Android 3.2