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CD Jewel Cases
  • Slim design is 1/2 the size of a standard jewel case, fit twice as many CD's in the same amount of space
  • Standard design is 10mm
  • Available in clear or assorted colors; red, blue, green, purple and orange
DVD Jewel Cases
  • Store twice as many DVDs in the same space: ½ the width of standard DVD cases
  • Sturdy polypropylene plastic protects DVD from scratches
  • Sleeve for labeling case with contents using Memorex DVD Case Inserts (sold separately)
  • Available in clear or assorted colors; red, blue, green, purple and orange
DVD Storage Cases
  • Patented centering hub
  • Clear sleeve for personalizing your DVD storage cases
CD & DVD Sleeves
  • Window for easy viewing and organizing
  • Back flap for added security
  • Available in white or assorted colors: red, blue, green, yellow and orange
CD & DVD Keepers
  • Available five assorted colors: pink, purple, blue, green, and orange
  • Low cost storage solution for your CD's & DVD's
  • Transparent polypropylene for easy viewing
DVD Storage Case Inserts
  • Works with both standard and slim jewel cases
  • Laser die cut for easy detachment
CD Jewel Case Inserts
  • Jewel Case Inserts are great for organizing your collection and sharing creations with others
  • Print, rich, true color and sharp detail on ultra-white matte paper
CD & DVD LabelMaker
  •     Design great looking CDs & DVDs
  •     Personalize with text layout effects
  •     Add custom borders to enhance your designs
  •     More robust software allows you to import playlists from CDs, MP3 files, or the internet, import your own images and edit with photo touchup & effects
CD High Gloss Labels
  •     Great for printing high-resolution photos and graphics
  •     Premium, high gloss paper
DVD Matte Labels
  •     White matte finish
  •     Polyester film material
  •     Prevents DVD playback errors
  •     Safe for all DVDs
CD Matte Labels
  •     Print rich, true color and sharp detail using the Ultra-White Matte Labels
  •     Labels provide 3-in-1 functionality with standard, full face, or center only disc coverage
CD & DVD OptiFix Cleaning Kit
  • Clean and repair CDs, DVDs and video games
  • Repair scratches on optical surfaces including PDAs, monitors and cameras
OptiCloth Cleaning Cloth
  • Safely cleans all CDs, DVDs, and video games.
  • Removes dirt from PDAs, computer monitors, and cameras.
CD & DVD OptiFix Plus Radial Cleaner
  • Manual disc repair and cleaning device
  • Compatible with all CDs, DVDs, and video game discs
PC Quick Wipes

 Removes dust, dirt, and fingerprints from electronic equipment

CD & DVD OptiDisc Laser Lens Cleaner
  • 7 sound optimization tools are included on the disc to optimize the sound quality of your stereo system:
  • Stereo Image and Channel ID Check - Verifies left/right speaker setup
  • Polarity Check - Verifies if positive/negative setup of stereo is correct
  • Sweep Test - Verifies speaker operation
  • ProLogic Imaging and Channel ID Check - Verifies optimal surround sound
  • System Balance Check - Adjusts speaker levels to optimum volume
  • Rattle Test - Determines if vibrations exists
  • System Purity Test - Verifies no unwanted interference in system
  • Six ultra-soft brushes remove dust and dirt from your disc player’s lens