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CD-RW 700MB High Speed - Spindle
CD-RW High Speed Spindle 25 Pack
CD-RW High Speed Spindle 50 Pack

CD-RW 700MB High Speed - Spindle

I'm High Speed Rewritable


The CD-RW “High Speed” rewritable media is designed to be compatible with 4x-12x computer CD Rewriters. “High Speed” blank media is ideal for hard drive back-up, authoring and archiving. It allows you to write, erase, and rewrite data.

  • Available in 25 pack and 50 pack
  • 4x - 12x write speed
  • Can be reliably rewritten up to 1,000 times
Product Specifications
Description    Short UPC
12x High Speed CD-RW, 25 pack    03424
12x High Speed CD-RW, 50 pack   03433
Data Capacity: 700MB
Video Storage: 80 minutes
Write Speed: 4X-12X write speed