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CD-R 700MB Music - Slimline Jewel Case
CD-R 700 MB Music Slimline Jewel Case 10 Pack
CD-R 700 MB Music - 5 Pack

CD-R 700MB Music - Slimline Jewel Case

I'll Save Your Music Files


Memorex Music CD-R media is specially designed for music files to be recognized in the widest range of audio systems and computer devices. Music CD-R is perfect for backing up your music library or saving your custom music mixes.

  • Available in 5 and 10 pack
  • Up to 40X write speed
  • Perfect for saving data files, or backing-up your favorite music
Product Specifications
Description UPC
40x Music CD-R, 5 pack 05600
40x Music CD-R, 10 pack 09100
Data Capacity: 700 MB
Video Storage: 80 minutes
Write Speed: Up to 40x