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CD-R 700MB Music Cool Color – Blister
CD-R 700MB Music Cool Color - 10 Pack Blister

CD-R 700MB Music Cool Color – Blister

I'll Save Your Music Files


With today’s music management software and lightning fast CD burners, it’s easier and more tempting than ever to make custom music mix, after custom music mix. It’s what used to be called the mixed tape. Only now it’s the mixed CD... burned on a Memorex Music CD-R. Which is perfect, because your new car doesn’t have a cassette player anyway.

Memorex Music CD-R media is specially designed for music files to be recognized in the widest range of audio systems and computer devices. Music CD-R offers up to 80 minutes of audio recording time and is 40x write speed compatible. Memorex "Cool Colors" Music CD-Rs come in 5 exciting colors: Purple, Black, Red, Orange and Blue.

  • Available in 10 pack
  • Up to 40X write speed
  • Perfect for saving data files or backing-up your favorite music
Product Specifications
Description: UPC:
40x "Cool Colors" Music CD-R, 10 pack 97818
Data Capacity: 700MB
Video Storage: 80 minutes
Write Speed: Up to 40x