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BD-R 25GB - Slimline Jewel Case
BD-R 6X Slimline Jewel Case 5 Pack
BD-R 4X Slimline Jewel Case 5 Pack
BD-R 4X Slimline Jewel Case 1 Pack

BD-R 25GB - Slimline Jewel Case

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Experience a new standard of high-definition clarity with Memorex® Blu-ray disc media! Memorex Blu-ray Discs Media uses state-of-the-art blue-violet laser technology to support high-definition recording with excellent HD broadcast quality. Featuring storage capacities up to five times larger than today’s standard DVDs and fast data transfer rates, Blu-ray Discs are ideal for consumers interested in recording TV shows and sporting events in crystal clear, high-definition quality. Memorex Blu-ray media is also great for archiving important files, backing up your hard drive or storing large data files on a single disc. Offering single-layer storage capacity of 25GB, BD dwarfs today’s standard 4.7GB DVDs or 8.5GB double-layer discs.

  • Utilizes blue-violet laser technology
  • Supports high-definition (HD) video recording
  • Up to 5 times the digital content storage capacity of standard DVD on a single layer disc
  • Compatible with Blu-ray Disc (BD-R) hardware only
Product Specifications
Description Short UPC
6x BD-R, 5 Pack     98684
4x BD-R, 1 Pack 97850
4x BD-R, 5 Pack   97948
Data Capacity: 25GB
Write Speed: Up to 6x
System requirement:  Compatible with Blu-ray Disc capable hardware only